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hanna, behind glass in the cutthroat anglers shop, 2009.

when good panoramas go bad better? mt. adams, may of 2014.

diptych from an october gunnison trip in 2010

shark week has lost it’s lustre. a week…c’mon man? way cooler back in ‘07, know what i mean?

however, i’m still motivated to share some imagery from my trips to the california coast, fishing with my great friend dave trimble, causing trouble and catching sharks on a flyrod, because we could.

when i’d fish with dave, we wouldn’t buy chum. he knew a fish processor and we’d show up hungover at six in the morning in his cadillac and dumpster dive for a half hour, holding back dry heaves and taking turns gaffing up a few five gallon buckets full of bloody tuna skeletons and then roll out to the sharking spots and shoot pelicans and seagulls with wrist rockets till the mako’s would show up.

this is a blue shark that i think looks like gumby, all peaceful and rubbery.

filed under ‘when autofocus fucks you’ or ‘i am a hack’

still shootin’

nooksack riverbank, ferndale, wa.

i didn’t have pedro pegged as a republican, did you?

compare and contrast

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