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colorado goes hard?

i caught you a delicious salad

at the beer store there were these lip prints. guess what color?

on the way to the beer store, there were some birds and wires.

my friends pup had to be put down. this is one of my favorite photographs of her. magnolia, you were a joy to spend time with, i’ll never forget your grins. nolli had this way of smiling at you, grinning as it were, that kinda looked like she was snarling, but such a sweetheart, you knew she’d never snarl in your direction.

bellingham high school field, down the street from my house. the nice colors always catch my eye.

this is a frame from the river trip i missed this year. it happens in utah. that’s a freshly made tasty beverage on the right, being handed off to general patton. it has ice in it. i will not be missing any more river trips.


shoutout to some homies who are floating deep through a desert canyon wilderness right now. i think they are about five days in…rolling plenty of these i’m sure.

i failed miserably at cutting a plug, but beginners luck and my guides patience and hospitality rewarded our team with a wild chinook salmon that is still swimming.