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a hidden nugget from earlier this spring. last week we floated past this same spot to find the water wheel gone. such an awesome landmark and a bummer to see it go. 

heading in to do some fishing, believe it or not. it just looks hot, doesn’t it?

outtake: my buddy bob caught a freshwater mini jaws.

i watched seth andersen and derek johnston play with a really expensive steady-cam thingy called a movi, and now i want one to make movies with. derek is working to finish his large format 14er project and seth has been helping him.

i got to watch the sun slip off of twining peak(left side, half shaded, i think), colorado.

these colors in the morning shade, that boat under blue tarp.

i think i parked around here. shortly after this i was confronted by the denver police dept. because i was making pictures near the airport’s air traffic control building and that is a great way to get noticed. next time i will get permission.

Seat 6F Flight 138

the blueberries were so good i could have eaten myself sick. 5 image stitched pano of mt. shuksan and lake ann.

done did got hiked up a mountain and saw this.